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We use one of the world's top rated Whey Concentrate from Glanbia Nutritionals in our peanut butters, that packs in 11.2 gms of protein in 2 tbsp. Just peanuts & whey concentrate, nothing else.

Made fresh on the day of order

The ingredients are freshly roasted and ground for you on the day of your order, and dispatched to you directly.

100% Natural, always

All our products are made with Real ingredients, without any Preservatives, chemicals, additives, etc. We don't put any Hydrogenated Oil in our butters, that leaves a greasy taste.

Get the entire shelf life

Get the full shelf life of 6 months when refrigerated.

No oil separation

Oil separation is a sign of months-old peanut butter and our butter will never have a layer of oil separation when you receive it.

There is one for everyone

Vri & Ash - Founders of TheFreshNeeds

A Message from OUR TEAM

Fresh is not weeks old.
Fresh is not months old.
Fresh is"Aaj ka bana taaza"

And nothing can prove the freshness of food better than the exact date it was made. That's why we put the manufacturing date upfront, where it should be. Because when you are fresh, you don't hide. 

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Got Questions?

Best Peanut Butter - The Better Fresher Peanut Butter

Do you really make it fresh?

Yes, Yes and Yes! And, we put Manufacturing Date right on the top for you to see, unlike most brands that hide it in tiny letters at the back of the pack. We are obsessed with Freshness, because, when it comes to food, we don't like it any other way.

Does Peanut Butter go bad?

Good question, a jar of commercial peanut butter can last anywhere between six and 24 months if left unopened. However, this shelf life goes down to two or three months once it's opened. Natural peanut butter brands, however, tend to have shorter shelf lives since they don't contain any stabilizers or preservatives. Unlike commercial brands, natural peanut butter can last several months while still sealed and only one month once opened. However, refrigeration can briefly extend the shelf life of any type of peanut butter and help preserve freshness.

How long can we keep Natural Peanut Butter?

As Natural peanut butters don't contain any stabilizers, their shelf life is very limited compared to ones that do contain stabilizers. Natural peanut butters start turning Rancid (oxidized) from the moment they are produced and packaged. Rancidification is the process of the the fats being oxidized and turning to peroxide, which gives the peanut butter a slightly stale & foul smell. USDA suggests an allowable Peroxide value (PV) limit of 1.5 meq peroxide/kg. PV value is a measure of Rancidifaction. Temperature & Storage conditions greatly affect the PV Value. Reasearch shows that all Natural Peanut butters cross the above PV limit after a week if stored at temperatures above 25 C. Considering that most of India has temperatures above this, and that manufacturers & retailers don't refridgerate the peanut butter but keep them on shelves or warehouses for months, all natural peanut butters in India would be deemed unsafe as per the USDA definition. That said, It is commonly accepted that peroxide values ranging from 23 – 27 meq/kg represent the early stages of rancidity and peroxide values greater than 30 indicate complete rancidity.

What will happen if I consume rancid peanut butter?

Well besides the stale or foul smell, eating rancid peanut butter may result in stomach ache, diarrhea or vomiting. To prevent this, peanut butter should be stored in the refrigerator, away from heat and humidity and eaten before the expiration date. Further, there's a dip in nutrition value as the healthy fats convert to peroxide.

How do I know if Peanut Butter has turned Rancid?

Short answer, you may not even know whether its turned Rancid as there is no Fresh Peanut Butter available in India. By the time any natural peanut butter reaches your kitchen, they are already slightly rancid. That's because these products have been lying at Supermarkets, and Amazon or Manufacturers Warehouses for months at temperatures above 25C. Its nearly impossible to find a fresh peanut butter in the Indian market that doesn't taste slightly stale. Our peanut butter is delivered to anywhere in india within 1-5 days of manufacturing, and have a superior fresh taste.

Why is there Oil on top of Peanut Butter?

Grinding peanuts releases the oils that is stored inside them. Over time, the oil separates & forms a layer on top. The good news is that if you see a layer of oil on top of your peanut butter, the peanut butter is completely natural, and not mixed with any stabilizers such as hydrogenated vegetable oils. The Bad news is that the Peanut Butter is atleast 1 month old as thats the amount of time it takes to release its Oil.