Humble Roti, the King of Indian kitchens

Humble Roti, the King of Indian kitchens

Few things never change, and one such thing is whole wheat Roti. Roti has been an integral part of our everyday meal for as far back as I can recollect. While the variety of Dal & Sabzi will change at the dinner table, but one thing that remains constant is the humble Roti.

You may call it Roti, Phulka, or Chapati based on what part of India you belong to, name can be different however emotions are all the same. Served hot and fresh alongside sabzi or curry as the family would sit together to enjoy dinner.

In my family, my mother would make Rotis while we sit patiently for our turn to get a hot fluffy Roti on our plates. Left-over Rotis were nicely wrapped in a muslin cloth or silver foil and were stored for later use. Being a repurpose queen, my mother would make vegetable poha with leftover Rotis as an evening snack or a morning breakfast.

For school or family picnics, to deter us from binging on outside food, mom would put some Jeera Aloo Sabzi in a roti, roll it up and wrap it like a Frankie. I still carry roti wraps while traveling or as a quick lunch on the go.

Roti Churri was another comfort food that was relished in my home. Made with slightly crisp Rotis, that are cooked by applying ghee on both sides of Roti on Tawa, crushing crispy Rotis with both hands, pouring some more ghee over it, and finishing it up with a topping of jaggery powder.

My mother is a pro at making Rotis, at least that's what it comes across to me because, to date, she has never complained about serving me a hot roti, no matter the time of the day. However, when I got around to making Rotis myself when I moved to another city, my god, what a tedious task it is! And after talking to my friends, I feel I'm far from being the only one who thinks so. From kneading the perfect dough to rolling it round, cooking it in the hot kitchen, and cleaning up after, it is anything but simple.

I love Rotis for its health benefits and numerous dishes you can make with it, and most importantly for the feeling of home that it gives me. Hence, I launched Fresh Needs, with my Partner Ash to make life simpler, so that anyone, anywhere can enjoy humble Rotis without sweating it out in the kitchen with our semi-cooked range.


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