Sometimes it's okay to take a break

Sometimes it's okay to take a break


Working in pajamas, not worrying about finding the correct outfit, and not driving through chafing traffic to attend the early morning meeting. Lockdown had its perks.

But, on the downside, it pushed many of us to make our meals. Dabbling hours-long work meetings with cooking was difficult. It was much more exhausting for working mothers and home-makers who have most likely spent more time over the past year in the kitchen than ever. Preparing 3 meals alongside famous evening nibbles can be taxing than a full day of office work.

Also, what’s more taxing is finding an answer to the daily quintessential question, “Khaane mein kya khaoge” and being creative with “Kuch bhi banaa do”. 

While we continue to work from home and sail through lockdown, it is not surprising for mothers and home-makers to feel tired and bored of monotony. We are sharing few tips that you might find valuable to overcome your kitchen fatigue and find time for yourself.

Before we share the tips, mothers and home-makers must quit feeling guilty for taking time off or allowing the ball to drop for a while. You will in any case be a magnificent Cook and a splendid Mother.



5-day works are a standard followed across most organizations. The end of the week is marked as a holiday and it gives employees time to unwind, reinvent and return to work more refreshed. You need a day off as well, it might sound peculiar at first, however it can do good to your overall wellbeing. For starters, start with half-day as off in a week and announce it as your weekly holiday. Take it as your ME time, spend it to catch up on sleep, read a book, or simply lying down on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Inform your adult kids, partners about your weekly off so that they can take a lead on household chores while you enjoy your downtime. Since you have been working all 7 days for as long you can recollect it will be difficult, to begin with, but as you will proceed you will understand the benefits it can offer and your family will soon come around to support you to take a full day off.



You may love cooking, however, hobbies and activities other than cooking can help you bring back the excitement while also reducing stress. You can start Kitchen planting, grow the vegetables of your choice, start with the simple ones and continue to add as you learn more about it. Read planting-related blogs, videos or ask friends. Join a reading club and read a book of your choice and share your viewpoint with others. Start a journal, pen down your thoughts, experiences, or an extraordinary event. Or on the other hand, rejuvenate your past leisure activity, it very well may be anything, objective here is to pick up something other than cooking that is equally exciting and allows you to try something new as well bring the excitement back to your kitchen routine.



You may never get an answer to “ Khaane mein kya Khaoge” yet to avoid daily meal stress you can plan out the menu for a week in advance. Plan your everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and create a meal planner. Add new recipes, experiment with leftovers, and look for easy snacking options to save time and effort. For inspiration, look at Youtube and recipe blogs. You can also pick Whole Wheat Ready to Cook Roti and Laccha Paratha packs off the shelf. Pull out the pack right before the meal and make Hot & Fresh Rotis without sweating in the Kitchen. These packs can also be helpful in satiating late-night hunger pangs.



Years of cooking have made you an expert on the subject. Your significant experience can prove to be useful for the younger generation and new mothers. Old age recipes, home remedies, the benefit of different cooking ingredients, kitchen hacks are the valuable information you can share with the younger generation. It won't just assist them with discovering something new, but it also guarantees that old-age recipes continue to exist in the modern age kitchen. Ask your kids to help you create a social profile if you don’t have one and utilize the platform to impart your knowledge to the world. This activity will not only give an outlay to interact with people across the globe however will also give you some time off Kitchen.



Discover quick and simple recipes to save time and effort. Make extra curry over the weekend and store it in the refrigerator to use it over the week. Order Fresh Needs semi-cooked Roti and Paratha packs, and make hot & fresh Rotis without fussing over 3 steps of Roti making process. You can store the pack for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator for late use. Pre-rolled whole wheat Rotis are not just convenient but are healthy too as they carry no preservatives and are made with the same ingredients as you would use at home. Make a quick wrap with leftover veggies or serve it with Egg Bhurji and you have a healthy wholesome meal ready in no time.


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