Moong Dal Chilla, anyone?

Moong Dal Chilla, anyone?

My friend was visiting me, and during the evening Chai time, I asked her if she would like to have Dal Chilla to go along with a hot cup of Masala Chai.

Dal what? Asked my Mumbaikar Friend. I grinned away and requested her to try. When I served the Chai with Chilla, she yelled in joy, it is Green Dosa!

I wasn't surprised to see her response, as I get a similar response from most people who have never known about Chilla. Ask anybody from North India, they would know, however, others not really.

I then clarified, Moong Chilla is a famous North Indian savory and is made of whole Moong Dal. You can make it crispy thin like a Dosa or make a thicker version, very much like Pancakes. Unlike popular Dosa, it contains no Rice except for is made simply of Whole Moong Dal. We additionally add little Ginger and Green Chillies to the Batter to make it more flavourful, and Moong Chilla Batter doesn’t need any fermentation.

Enjoyed with curd, spicy tomato chutney, or ketchup, Chilla makes for a wholesome meal. In North India, we also like to add vegetables to the batter to increase the nutritional value of Chilla.

Do you know, Moong Dal Chilla is also known as Pesarattu in Andhra and Pudla in Gujarat. Few also call it a vegetarian omelet as it is high in protein, low on fat, and keeps you satiated for longer. It is also a go-to meal for people who prefer a high protein diet and looking for healthier meal options.

We all need variety in life, especially food options. And Moong Chilla Dosa can add a healthy twist to your daily breakfast/snack options. Just pick the Moong Batter from the market and you have crispy a meal ready within no time. I love to top it up with grated cheese and chaat masala.

As my friend takes the first bite of Crispy Green Dosa, Moong Chilla and its benefits are not unfamiliar to her anymore.

Thanks for introducing me to another variant of Dosa, says my friend while she enjoys the goodness of Moong Dal with masala chai.

Call it Green Dosa, Pesarattu or Pudla. But all in all, Moong Dal Chilla anyone?

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