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Moong Chilla Batter (Moong Dosa)

Start your day with HEALTHY CHILLA, rich in FIBRE, PROTEIN and ANTI-OXIDANTS. Traditional home made recipe is MADE FRESH DAILY with sprouted Green Dal and fresh spices. Easy to cook but also complements your healthy lifestyle. No Preservatives or Additives . Gluten Free . Vegan . Low GI. Low Fat. Vitamin Rich

Product Overview

Healthy Wholesome Breakfast

  • Made Fresh Daily
  • No Preservatives or Additives
  • Gluten-Free

 Product Details 

  • Net Weight: 700g
  • Shelf Life: Stays fresh for up to 5 days 
  • Storage Instructions: To be refrigerated, consume within 2 days of opening

Start your day with HEALTHY CHILLA, rich in FIBRE, PROTEIN, and ANTI-OXIDANTS. This traditional homemade recipe is MADE FRESH DAILY  with sprouted Green Dal and fresh spices.  

It is not just easy to cook but also complements your healthy lifestyle and keeps you SATIATED for longer. Made with NATURAL INGREDIENTS and NO PRESERVATIVES, Moong Dal Chilla can be enjoyed as a breakfast or a snack. ENJOY it hot with Curd and fresh Mint Chutney or just with Tomato Ketchup.   


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Product FAQs

Absolutely not, we make all our products Fresh Everyday just like home. You can store Rotis for up to 6 days in the fridge (less than 8C)

No, all our products are made with Natural Ingredients and contain No Preservatives or Additives of any kind. We use a similar recipe as used at home so that you don’t compromise on health.

Fresh Needs Rotis are made with 100% Whole Wheat. We don't use any ingredient you don't use at home to make Rotis.

Rotis can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 6 days. No need t deep freeze it.

Yes. Making our Rotis don't need any advanced cooking skills. If you know how to put a gas stove on, you can cook our Rotis. If you are not comfortable making a Phulka, you can enjoy it as a Chapati by cooking the Roti on tawa and applying Ghee/Oil while cooking.

We don't recommend freezing our products and consume it by best before date. Also, our products are made Fresh Daily, just like your home and we offer a same delivery. Why deep freeze it when you can order it fresh everyday.

You can store the unused packed for up to 6 days in the refrigerator (less than 8C).

No, you can't microwave the Wheat Rotis & Parathas, and need a stove to heat it.

Yes, you can Subscribe for Rotis and select the plan to suit your needs. You can view our plans on the Subscription page of the website.

No. You have to cook the Roti on a tawa before putting it on a flame to puff.

Yes. To puff up Roti, cook one side 10 secs and other side 20 secs and put the 1st side on flame to puff. Always cook one side more than the other, and put the less cooked side on flame. Also, ensure Tawa is hot enough before you start cooking and don't over cook Roti.

Ready to Cook Rotis are ready-made, semi-cooked Roti that are ready to cook as per your convenience. Ready to Cook Roti can directly go from packet to tawa and can be cooked in just 1 minute. It not just provides you the taste of home cooked Roti, but also saves you cooking time and effort.

No, we don't use Palm oil or Dalda in our food products.