From the Founders

Vri & Ash - Founders of TheFreshNeeds

Our Belief

Fresh is not weeks old.
Fresh is not months old.
Fresh is "Aaj ka bana taaza"
And nothing can prove the freshness of food better than the exact date on which it was made. That's why we put the manufacturing date upfront on our packs, exactly where it should be. Because when you are fresh, you don't hide. 

Food soooo fresh, healthy and nutritious

Who are we?

We started in 2020 with our freshly made ready-to-cook Indian breads. While the products have changed, one thing remains, our obsession with freshness

We believe if you want to Natural & Healthy food, you got to have it Fresh! Everything else is a compromise.

We make our products fresh every day without any chemicals or preservatives. We are changing the way we consume natural foods by delivering them within 2-5 days of manufacturing. We exist so that you never have to compromise on freshness. Our FRESHLY Made Food Products will leave your taste buds satiated, and body nourished - a combination not easy to find in today's long-shelf life food ecosystem.


The supply chain in India is not built for natural food products. Most natural food products can't survive the long distance from central production facilities to a

Fresh Natural Peanut Butter

nearby store, which can take a couple of weeks or months. Unlike preservative-laden food products, natural food products must be dealt with and stored cautiously to preserve the quality and nutritional content.

As per the research, natural peanut butter can survive for up to 2 weeks at room temperature, after which it starts getting stale. You can read up on the research here.  Stale food is not only devoid of essential nutrients but can also be harmful to consume. 



Helping reduce food waste

As per reports, 30% of all food is wasted globally. Food waste occurs at both grocery stores and our homes. Food products either expire before being purchased or expire while lying in our kitchens.

It's not just the food waste that's a problem; it's also the waste of other resources like packaging and fuel. At TheFreshNeeds, we make our food products only when we receive the order, so there is no more bulk production, distribution, or food expiring in our warehouses.
Let's make a better world for our coming generations.

Delivering freshness across India

We aim to serve the entire nation and assist you in prioritizing your health above all else. We may not be your 10-minute delivery service, but we make sure that everything you receive is freshly made.